Workload assessment during forest protection operations

Witold Grzywiński, Rafał Turowski


The paper presents the results of physical workload assessment during forest protection activities, including the protection of forest plantations against deer and fungi, and additionally, the hanging of birds’ shelters. The structure of work time for each activity was determined in all studied operations, and referred to the 8-hour workday. The net energy expenditure was determined through the measurement of pulmonary ventilation conducted with an MWE-1 energy expenditure meter. Different energy expenditure per minute was recorded, amounting to 35 kJ (4.9-40.2 kJ∙min-1). Net energy expenditure of work shift ranged from 7 000 to 9 800 kJ. During the fencing of forest plantations the most repetitive movements were observed. In Rother forest protection activities, the level of work repetitiveness was low.


forest protection, work time structure, energy expenditure, category of work intensity

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