Loss of elements in beech stands caused by forest operations

Mostefa Mana, Krzysztof Janku


During the research, the loss of elements in beech stands caused by forest operations was determined. The objective of the study was to estimate the impact of forest operations in beech stands on single timber assortments and on groups of timber assortments. In order to measure the volume of Fagus sylvatica in different age stands, three areas of 1ha were selected - stands 15 to 25 years old, 27 to 40 years old, and 55 years old, It was proven that the significant loss of elements was a result of branches and wood being removed from forest stands differing in stand age; wood and bark differ in the quantities of elements Ca>Mg>N>K>Si>Mn>P>Fe>S>Cl>Na (wood), and K>Ca>N>Mn>S>Mg>Na>P>Fe>Cl>Si (bark). Leaving brushwood in the forest is very beneficial for the abundance of elements in the soil.


forest operation, beech, timber, elements loss

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