Changes in the length of the shelterbelts adjacent to the agricultural areas and roads at the beginning of the 21st century in Kalisz city

Krzysztof Janku, Mostefa Mana, Marek Szczepański


Green infrastructure helps to contain dust, ash, pollen, smoke, noise, and contaminated water that impact environment and decrease comfort of life or even harm significantly health. In urban landscape in Kalisz (second populated city in Wielkopolska) agricultural areas share is significant ̴ 44%. The state of completeness and presence of specific tree lines in agricultural areas is not recognized. Therefore the aims of the research were: the inventory of agricultural/road sections of tree lines and their localization in year 2008 and 2019; analyses of changes significance in length of tree lines, roads and agricultural areas in period 20082019.
The contribution of Kalisz trees in road air pollution removal in agricultural areas is very small and decreasing. Loss of tree line length is unproportionally high in comparison with road sections along agricultural areas. Urban sprawl slowly becoming the reason of separation
agricultural areas from direct exposition to road air pollution in borders of Kalisz.


urban, agriculture, tree, road pollution, green infrastructure, shelterbelts

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