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Thank you for agreeing to review this article. All articles submitted to Forestry Letters are subject to double-blind peer review and we ask that reviewers respect the confidentiality of the review process. Please answer the following questions using the scale provided. Please insert a numeric rating on a 4-point scale for each question and add comments below questions. Please write your review politely.

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1. Is the title appropriate? []
2. Is the abstract accurately reflects the content? []
3. Is the purpose of the article stated clearly? []
4. Are the study methods clearly explained? []
5. Are all tables and figures clear and necessary? []
6. Are the results clearly described? []
7. Are the conclusions or summary accurate and supported by the contentt? []
8. Is the article correctly written (in terms of grammar and style)? []
9. Is the literature used sufficiently comprehensive and current? []
10. Are the references correctly indicated in the article? []

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